The Silver

The ideas that made Lawry’s so unique sprang from the late founder, Mr. Lawrence Frank and Mr. Walter Van de Kamp’s belief that customers deserve top quality food and exemplary service. Hence no expense was spared to make the carts magnificent. Lawrence L. Frank designed the famous “Silver Carts” so that the beef could be carved at tableside. The first cart was built in 1938 and it cost nearly as much as a Cadillac (US$30,000).

Signature Roasted USDA Prime Rib of Beef

Lawry’s main attraction: The renowned Signature USDA Prime Rib of Beef is aged up to 21 days to enhance flavour and tenderness. Our beef is slowly roasted on beds of rock salt, carved and served from our “Silver Carts” with Yorkshire Pudding.

The Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad

A blend of crisp Romaine, baby Spinach, shredded Beets, chopped Eggs and Croutons, tossed with our exclusive Classic Vintage dressing in a salad bowl spun on a bed of ice.

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